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When pipes get old, they can start cracking. This causes a multitude of issues, such as property damage and soil pollution. Pipes can also crack for other reasons, such as corrosion, ground movement, and roots growing into them.

Pipe Relining Sydney Sydney

Pipe relining can get you out of a sticky situation should you experience a crack or break in your pipes. Rather than replacing the whole thing, you can instead select to get your pipes relined. This will save you time and money, as well as avoiding the potential of having your lawn dug up.

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What Is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining is the method through which broken pipes can be fixed. Luckily for you, gone are the days of digging up your front lawn to do this.

At Blocked Drain Fixed Today, we use the latest pipe relining technology to save you the time, stress, and money of traditional methods. Make use of our expertise and ask one of our pipe relining specialists to fix your broken pipes.

How Does It Work?

You’re likely now wondering how pipe relining is done. First, a CCTV drain camera is sent down the pipes to check out what the issue is. It provides us with real-time footage of what is going on down there. This way, we can identify and confirm if it is indeed a broken pipe that’s the source of your drainage problems.

Then, we use a high pressure water blaster to get rid of any gunk and debris in the pipe. This ensures that the lining will stick to the pipe and not be affected by grease or build-up.

Next, it’s time for measuring the length of the necessary repair and cutting the liner to size. Our expert team soak the liner in resin and insert it into the pipe until it’s over the broken spot.

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The liner gets inflated and left to set in the pipe. The inflatable will then be taken out and we double check that everything went according to plan with a CCTV drain camera.

That’s it! Your broken drain is now permanently fixed without the need for any digging or extra damage to be done to your property.

Why Use the Pipe Relining Method?


As we use the latest technology in our CCTV drain cameras, we pinpoint the location of the break accurately. This is much easier than any other method of finding out where the break is, such as digging up all the pipes.


Usually, if you have a broken drainpipe then that section of pipe would need to be dug up to be replaced. Some of these pipes are up to 2 metres deep in the ground.

This causes a lot of expensive aftermath for you. For some people, this includes replacing dug up paths, lawns, or even driveways. The cost of all this can be huge. From replacing a path to an entire driveway, the costs add up.


That’s not to mention all the time it takes to dig up the pipes! Relining the pipes is much faster as it can be done without digging anything up. We know that you are paying for our time.

That’s why we like to be as quick and efficient as possible. We also provide premium quality service, so you won’t need us to come back.


When you dig up pipes, this can cause a whole lot of other problems. You are creating a health and safety hazard by having huge chunks of earth now sitting on your driveway or lawn.

The trenches and holes created to dig out the pipes are hazards themselves too. Children, pets, or others may fall or trip into these. With pipe relining, you don’t have to worry about any of this occurring.

What Kind of Pipes Can Use This Method?

Most of the types of pipes you’ll find in Sydney homes are suitable for the pipe relining method. It can be used in various kinds of pipes. These include cement, cast iron, PVC, and earthenware. However, if your pipes are made of a different material, please give us a call to chat about it.

Our staff can use their expertise to consider whether your pipes may suit the pipe relining method as well. Or our knowledgeable team may have some other advice for your specific situation.

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Pipe Relining in Sydney

If you are in Sydney and are looking for quick and friendly service, contact us. We at Blocked Drains Fixed Today are known for our determination to solve any plumbing problem we are presented with.

We have the best methods for pipe relining used by our staff successfully hundreds of times over.

To get in touch with the best pipe relining experts in Sydney, contact us. We are here to answer any questions you may have, and you can benefit from our professional advice.

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