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We won’t be wrong in saying that there’s hardly a more annoying plumbing issue than a leaking drain.

If that wasn’t enough, a leaking drain can occur even when users have ensured proper maintenance. Although fixing it may sound like a tempting DIY project, it can get pretty messy, especially if you haven’t fixed one before.

Leaking Drains Sydney Sydney

That’s why it’s a job best left for professional plumbers. Not only can we identify the exact reason for the leak but we also provide the most suitable repair solution.

Having said that, it’s not a bad idea to understand the different reasons behind a leaking drain so that users may take adequate preventive measures, if possible.

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What Causes A Leaking Drain?

1. Clogging

Most homeowners know that clogging is one of the most common reasons behind a leaking drain. Accumulated dirt and debris will invariably cause blockages in the pipe, which may leak from the pressure exerted both by the flowing water and the blockage.

2. Loose Or Worn-Out Compression Nut

The compression nut is the fixture that connects two pipes for a secure, watertight connection. However, it may wear out and become loose with regular use. The good news is that replacement nuts can be easily found to make the drain working like new.

3. Ill-Fitted Pipes

If you have installed a sink on your own or removed the pipe for maintenance purposes, there may be a chance that the pipe has not been fitted properly. Or, if the length of the pipe is longer or shorter than required, it becomes prone to leaks and even spontaneous water bursts.

Ill-fitted pipes create excessive water pressure against the walls of the pipes, resulting in leakages and other water-related damages.

4. Damage Or Old Pipes

In case the P-trap (the pipe connecting the sink to the drainage pipe) is damaged or has worn out, it may cause leakages even when the compression nuts are fixed. Beyond that, if the water in your area is rich in iron or other such minerals, it can corrode the pipe internally, creating room for leakage.

5. High Water Pressure

It may so happen that the water pressure in your home is higher than what the pipes can tolerate. In this case, even pipes with high-quality construction or those with tight seals can leak.

A good way to prevent it is by regulating the water pressure but if you aren’t sure about the correct pressure, seek professional help from us.

6. Temperature Changes

When the water temperature inside the pipe changes rapidly, it causes the pipe to expand and contract, thereby cracking its walls. As a result, you may have to change the existing pipes with the more temperature-resistant varieties.

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Why Choose Us?

We are determined to provide only the best service to our clients.

Our highly qualified and trained plumbers are fully equipped to take on any plumbing challenge, no matter how big or small. With a combined experience of a decade between them, rest assured that your pipes will be in good hands. They also undertake industry training to keep up with all the latest plumbing techniques.

Apart from that, we believe in transparency while communicating with our customers. That’s why we don’t levy any hidden charges on our upfront prices. Plus, all our work is 100% guaranteed!

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