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Blocked drains are such a nuisance to try unblocking yourself. Whether it’s in your bathroom, floor, or kitchen sink it can wreak havoc in your home.

Emergency Blocked Drains Sydney

First, they often have a highly unpleasant smell. Then, they won’t drain properly – showering up to your ankles is never pleasant. Additionally, they may start overflowing completely which causes a whole new raft of issues.

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In an emergency, what do you do? Call Blocked Drains Fixed Today, of course! We have licensed technicians experienced with blocked drains in Sydney waiting for you to call.

Why Blocked Drains Occur

Unfortunately, blocked drains in Sydney are not uncommon. Older homes are more likely to experience them as there has been more time for debris to build up in the pipes. Generally, people only notice that their drain is blocked when it’s already too late and there’s a big mess to clean up.

Here are some of the reasons why blocked drains can occur:


Think about all those frying pans covered in bacon grease you’ve cleaned out over the years. Add it to all the hair, food, and other substances that go down the drain in your home. These can build up over time to create a clog in your drain.

Think twice before pouring that expired oil down your sink and start taking care of your plumbing.

Small Items

As you know, plumbing systems are built to drain away water, toilet paper, and human waste. Anything else that goes down them can increase the risk of them getting blocked up.

For example, many people pour their used coffee grinds down the sink. These do not dissolve into water and over time they catch up with other food scraps that make their way down there. The outcome is a completely clogged drain.

Shower and Bathroom

Although it may not occur as often in the bathroom as in the kitchen, bathroom sinks can become blocked too. With toothpaste, face wash, and hair often going down this drain, it’s really no surprise that it gets blocked sometimes.

We are specialists in all types of blockages and can have this sorted for you in no time.


Yes, it’s true – tree roots can grow into your pipes, cracking and breaking them. The underground moist environment of your pipes is, unfortunately, the perfect place for tree roots to grow.

Even a tiny crack in your pipe can let tree roots in to start growing. As they grow and expand, this puts massive pressure on your pipes. They can then burst or crack further.

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How to Tell If Your Drain Is Blocked

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your drain is blocked or not. It’s best to identify the problem before you have a fully-fledged flood on your hands. Detecting the issue early will save you time and money in the long run. Here are some tell-tale signs that your drain is blocked:

Toilet Flushes Slowly and Backs Up

If your toilet has been taking a longer time than usual to flush, this is a common symptom of your toilet starting to clog up. It will often be paired with the water rising in the bowl when it shouldn’t.

This is commonly caused by too much toilet paper getting flushed down there or other items being flushed that shouldn’t be.

Stinky Kitchen Sink

Unpleasant smells in the kitchen are hard to ignore. When you’re cooking up something delicious and notice a nasty odour coming from the sink you will know that something is wrong. But what?

It is likely to be the result of a blocked drain. The smell is likely coming from some decomposing food that got caught somewhere in your drain. With the many corners in our drains these days, this is a prime spot for food accumulating.

Gurgling Drains

Hearing a strange noise after you have a shower or run a tap? That’s likely to be from gurgling drains. This noise occurs when the drain is getting blocked.

What’s happening is that grease, food, and debris can create pockets of air that are trapped. This creates a gurgling sound as the air and water try to escape from the blockage.

Pools of Water on Your Front Yard

Ever wake up to find a pool in your front yard? Maybe you’ve always wanted a pool, but not like this! When you have water overflowing from your drains, that’s a sure-fire sign that there’s an issue with your pipes somewhere. Perhaps they are broken or blocked in some way.

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If any of the above is happening in your home, you should contact a plumber right away. We are the blocked drain experts in Sydney. Here at Blocked Drains Fixed Today, we are passionate about customer service. Give us a call and we’ll be zooming over to your place shortly.

No matter what your plumbing emergency is, our trained technicians are capable of fixing it. No job is too big for us so get in touch now.

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