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No one enjoys suffering from blocked or broken drains. Your drain may be underground, in your kitchen sink, or in your bathroom.

CCTV Drain Camera Sydney

Regardless of location, it can develop a nasty stench if left alone. Sometimes it is hard to determine the cause of this odour or figure out why the drain is blocked.

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That’s where a CCTV drains camera can come in. It can quickly diagnose the cause of the blockage or smell so we can get to the root of the problem.

What Is A CCTV Drains Camera?

We at Blocked Drains Fixed Today use a CCTV Drains camera for good reason. They are high definition cameras that use the latest technology. We use them to get inside your pipes and detect any damage or blockages that have occurred in there.

This waterproof camera gets in where no man can go to discover otherwise hidden problems in your drains. While we can’t get down into your drains to see what the issue is, this camera can.

How We Use A CCTV Drains Camera

The camera is connected by one of our highly trained technicians to the end of a cable. It is then slid down your drainage system so we can inspect the inside of your drain.

The images coming from the camera show up live on our monitor so that we can examine your drain in real-time.

This helps us to determine exactly what the issue is in your pipes. Otherwise, all we can do is conclude the issue based on the symptoms such as the smell or overflowing drain. While our plumbers are highly experienced in doing this, it can be time-consuming.

Cut through the guesswork by using a CCTV drains camera.

Our experienced staff will be able to spot any breakages in your pipes that you otherwise wouldn’t know about. Or, perhaps there are some tree roots or grease build-ups that are clogging up the pipes. They will be able to spot that too.

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Benefits of Using A CCTV Drains Camera

While it’s true that we can clear your blockage without using a camera, there are a few reasons why you would want to use it anyway.

Save Time

Regardless of how knowledgeable our fantastic plumbers are, it can be a challenge to diagnose an issue you can’t see. Our technicians know what to look for, but sometimes there is a surprise lurking in your drains.

If there are multiple issues in your system, there’s no way of knowing this. The last thing we want is to think it’s fixed and then the issue continues for you.

By using a CCTV drains camera, we can swiftly locate the problem or problems in your drain. There will be no fixing of one problem, only to realise the next day that you have more.

By seeing the inside of your drain, we can do the job right the first time.

Save Money

Because using a CCTV drains camera streamlines the diagnosis process, you will save money. Without the camera, it can potentially take a long time to figure out the cause of the issue.

You also may have more than one issue, which there’s no way of knowing. All this will cost you more. We don’t believe in hidden costs and we want to do the job thoroughly the first time. This way, hopefully, you won’t need us again!

Detect Unknown Issues

Sometimes, the cause of a problem is unclear.

Perhaps you could swear that it’s not a grease build-up in your kitchen sink because you never empty anything greasy down there. However, the home-owners before you could have been putting who-knows-what down that sink. Or possibly the issue is that a tree root has dug in and broken your pipes.

It could even be that your friend’s child put a small toy down the sink last time they were over!

These kinds of problems can be extra hard to diagnose.

They can go undetected for a long time as you try to solve the issue with drain cleaner. By using a CCTV drains camera, we can uncover issues you didn’t even know you had. The sooner you fix them, the less damage they can do to your home.

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Why Use Us for Unblocking Your Drain with A CCTV Drains Camera?

If you are having trouble with your drain and aren’t sure why then it’s best to call in an expert. We at Blocked Drains Fixed Today are experienced in using CCTV Drains Cameras to solve even the most complex problems.

Rain or shine, we’re here to help you with our specialist knowledge. Give us a call and our friendly staff will be there to diagnose your drainage problems. Because we provide our service using CCTV drains cameras in Sydney, we won’t take long to get to you in a plumbing emergency.

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