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Ever had a blocked toilet? Many people across Sydney have had that fear-inducing experience when you flush, and the water just rises and rises.

Blocked Toilet Repairs Sydney Sydney

Imagine the mess it would make if it spilled onto the floor! That’s something you don’t want to deal with. At the first signs of blockage, you should call in the experts to get it unblocked. What you need from Blocked Drains Fixed Today is both speed and quality work – luckily, we offer both!

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Why Do Toilets Block Up?

There are many reasons that our toilets can become clogged. When it happens, it can be a real disaster. Toilets are something that your whole family will use on a daily basis. So, why do they block up? Here are a few factors that may be the culprit.

Water-Saving Toilets

If you have a newer toilet, you may be surprised when it backs up. But there’s a reason behind this. Newer toilets are more likely to feature water-saving designs. Less water makes it harder to flush away your waste.

These types of toilets may not have enough pressure to clear the drain, which can cause a jam in the system. We can come and fix this in a jiffy. To avoid recurrence, try to stop any behaviours that encourage clogging, such as using too much toilet paper.

The Trap is Blocked

You may not have known that you have a trap in your toilet. The trap is the curved section at the bottom of your toilet bowl. This is where items such as toilet paper can often get trapped and start to back up your loo.

By limiting toilet paper use and making sure you don’t flush anything you shouldn’t, you should be able to keep this clear.

Other Items

Maybe the cause of the blockage is that someone flushed a non-flushable item. These can include things like tissues, wet wipes, and sanitary items, among other things. Anything that is not toilet paper or human waste should not be flushed down the toilet.

Luckily, if your little cherub flushes away something they shouldn’t, you can call us to sort it out! We’ll have the item dislodged in no time and your toilet flushing like new.

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Signs Your Toilet Is Blocked

Of course, sometimes, it may be blindingly obvious that your toilet is blocked. However, other times it is not so clear. Try to catch the early warning signs to avoid a big disaster in the future. Read on to find out whatsome of the signs are that your toilet may be blocked.

The Water Won’t Flush

This is one of the most common symptoms you’ll see of a blocked toilet. The water won’t flush properly. This is when you notice the water rising rather than being dispersed out of the toilet. It is always a worry when this happens, as it runs the risk of overflowing and making a huge mess.

Gurgling Water

Sometimes when you flush your toilet, you will hear water gurgling somewhere else. This may include at your bathroom sink or shower drain. This is a sign that there is a blockage somewhere in the pipes and the water is not efficiently draining away.

As it is an early warning sign that a build-up may be starting to occur, this is the best time to call in a plumber. Here at Blocked Drains Fixed Today, we can be with you quickly to help resolve the issue.

Water Appears in Shower, Bath or Other Drains

Occasionally you may notice water appearing in your drains, such as your shower or bath. Or the water may rise in your toilet bowl. Water should not be coming up these as drains are designed to do the opposite – take the water away.

This can often happen when a washing machine is being run. That’s because there is excess water in the pipes and a blockage is stopping it from draining away. If you find the water in your toilet rising when the washing machine is on – you should call us right away!

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Blocked Toilets in Sydney

Let’s discuss the consequences of a blocked toilet. Basically, it’s not fun for anyone! It can create a huge, disgusting mess if your toilet overflows. You can get water and human waste everywhere. This can cause a lot of damage to your home including water stains, mould, and more.

Avoid all this by looking for early signs that your toilet is clogged and then giving us a call. We are local Sydney plumbing experts who can be with you ASAP to fix your blocked toilet. Our trained technicians can be with you in no time at all to avoid the damage a clogged toilet can cause.

At Blocked Drains Fixed Today, we believe in honest and upfront pricing. With us, you’ll have no hidden costs. Get in touch now to discuss your plumbing issues with one of our friendly staff members.

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