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When a kitchen sink becomes blocked, this can be such a pain. Rinsing your dishes before popping them in the dishwasher becomes a chore when the sink isn’t doing its job. It can smell and be very unpleasant for you.

Blocked Kitchen Sinks Sydney

When this happens, we’re your go-to guys to fix it. At Blocked Drains Fixed Today, we can be with you ASAP to get your blocked kitchen sink cleared out quickly. We do it right the first time, so you won’t need to keep struggling with a jammed up sink.

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Why Is My Kitchen Sink Blocked?

There is a myriad of reasons that kitchen sinks get blocked. When it happens, it can really throw a spanner in the works. Everything becomes harder, from washing your dishes to trying to rinse off your veggies. Here are some reasons your kitchen sink might have become blocked:

Food Scraps

In kitchens, one of the largest instigators of sink blockage is food scraps. When you rinse off your plates and pots, any food stuck to it goes into your sink. While you may scrape some of this out and throw it in the bin, a lot will still end up slipping down the drain.

This happens especially with smaller foods such as peas, rice, and other scraps. Bread and cereals especially tend to stick in your pipes.

Once the food is down the drain, it starts to decompose. Think of your compost bin and how the food in there looks and smells. You could have a clump of this decaying food festering in your drain.

You’ll want this fixed as soon as possible before it starts to leech out a horrible smell into your kitchen. Contact Blocked Drains Fixed Today and we’ll sort it out for you.


Another major contributor to kitchen sink blockage is grease. Ever chucked too much oil in your pan so you tipped some down the sink? A lot of people do this, not realising that the oil can build up down your drain. Many foods contain grease. Even washing the bacon grease off your frying pan can contribute to grease build-up.

Over time, it can form into a fairly solid clump that stops the water from draining properly out of your sink. You may hear gurgling noises when the sink is draining. This is an early warning sign that there’s an obstacle for water draining out of your sink.

Foreign Objects

If you have children, you never know what they are up to when you’re not looking. It is possible that they may throw something down a drain. Some children love playing with water. So, when playing with their toys, they may want to do it in the sink so they can splash around. Unfortunately, sometimes this can result in a tiny barbie shoe or the wheel of a miniature truck going down the gurgler.

If this has happened, it is unlikely that a simple drain cleaner from the supermarket is going to unlodge it. You need experts to come in and retrieve the item that’s gone down the drain.

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Main Symptoms of a Blocked Sink

There are two main things that might happen if your sink is starting to get blocked:

A Nasty Stench

As mentioned, this can happen because there is decaying food lingering in your drain. Just as the compost starts to smell if you wait too long to take it out, this food will too. The longer you leave it, the worse it will smell. It is best to get it dealt with ASAP.

Slow Draining

When the water in your sink is sitting stagnant rather than draining away rapidly, you know you’ve got a problem. Your water should be draining and clearing your sink with ease. If this isn’t happening for you, get us in and we’ll sort it. You’ll have no more worries about your sink not draining.

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How We Can Help

Contact us to give you a hand with your blocked kitchen sink in Sydney. We’ve helped hundreds of people successfully clear the drains in their homes. We will be your right-hand man when you don’t know where to turn.

Our friendly team is here to help with any drainage or plumbing issues you might have.

We provide up to date training for our staff to ensure that they are highly knowledgeable about all the tricks of the trade. At Blocked Drains Fixed Today, we keep up to date with the latest in drainage technology. This ensures that you are getting the best service possible.

At Blocked Drains Fixed Today, we value being upfront and honest. That’s why you’ll be charged the price you were quoted – no hidden costs or fees.

We are here to help you out and being upfront and honest is a massive part of that. Get in touch now to get that annoying blocked kitchen sink sorted once and for all.

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