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Floor drains are an essential part of many homes. When they are working wonderfully, you can be sure that any sink overflows will not result in flooding. When they function as they should, you don’t really notice them. However, as soon as they start to become blocked it can quickly become a massive issue for any household.

Blocked Floor Drains Sydney

Where do you usually find floor drains in a home? They are generally located in the garage, bathroom, kitchen, laundry, driveway, or basement. These are all areas where water tends to collect in case of flooding or sink overflow.

Generally, you find out your floor drain is blocked right when you need it most. Perhaps your washing machine has sprung a leak, or you’ve let the bath overflow.

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Regardless of what has happened, you’re going to need a speedy solution. Blocked Drains Fixed Today is on call and can be with you on the same day. Get it fixed right when you need it without having to wait for days.

Consequences of Blocked Floor Drains

Since you know a floor drain is blocked only when you need it, this can mean a high risk of flooding. Maybe you let a sink overflow, or there is heavy rain resulting in flooding. Flooding can damage multitudes of your belongings and can be tough to get rid of.

The water damage arising from this can be immense, and extremely expensive to repair. It is much more cost-effective to get us in ASAP as soon as you notice the signs that your floor drain may be clogged.

How We Unblock Floor Drains

Never fear, we have many solutions for blocked floor drains. The first thing we do is diagnose the problem. Maybe there is a blockage of grease or perhaps a child’s toy has gotten lodged down the drain (it happens more often than you would think). Or, maybe what you are experiencing is actually broken pipes.

Next, we come up with a solution. For blocked drains, we often use a high pressure jet blaster to clear out dirt, debris, and grease that may have sneaked its way down your drain. These jet blasters use high pressure blasts of water to obliterate all the junk that should not be down your drain.

If you have broken pipes, the solution will be different. We use a CCTV drain camera snaked down the drain to detect the problem area. Then we can use a pipe relining system to fix the broken pipe without digging up your drains. No digging = much cheaper for you.

How to Prevent Floor Drains from Getting Blocked Again

If you have experienced a blocked floor drain and gotten us in to fix it, you’ll want to know how to prevent this from happening again. You don’t have to keep dealing with the issue of your floor drain getting jammed up. Instead, use the following advice to prevent it.

Clean Drains Regularly

By cleaning out your floor drain regularly, you can avoid debris building up and clogging it. Giving it a good clean around once every three months is a good rule of thumb. You can do this yourself, with all the messy work it requires. Or save yourself the trouble and get an experienced plumber from Blocked Drains Fixed Now to do it.

Clear Blockages

If your floor drain is draining slowly, this is an early warning sign that it contains a clog. You should attend to this as soon as possible. Try using a plunger or drain cleaner and check if you see any improvement. If this does not work, give us a call and we’ll come round to help you out.

Keep the Trap Seal Full

What is a trap seal? It is the area that separates your floor from the sewage beneath. It should be filled with water for your floor drain to function optimally. If you notice strange smells coming from your floor drain, it could be that the trap seal is empty. You should check the trap seal from time to time to ensure that it is full of water. If not, pour water into it to fill it.

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Why Choose Us for Your Blocked Floor Drain?

If you are experiencing a blocked floor drain in Sydney, you will need to get someone in quickly to unclog it. Our incredible team of experienced plumbers can be with you in a jiffy to sort it out. We can unblock even the most stubbornly stuck obstructions from your floor drain.

After we are done unclogging, we clean up after ourselves to leave the area spotless. Our friendly and professional technicians are highly trained to deal with these kinds of situations. You can trust us to give you high-quality efficient service.

To get the best service, you need to contact the best floor drain unblocking experts in Sydney. Get in touch now to chat about your needs.

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