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If you’re still trying to use expensive drain cleaners to no avail, it’s time to get in touch with Blocked Drains Fixed Today. Trying to clean out your clogged bathroom sink yourself can be a nightmare.

Blocked Bathroom Sinks Sydney

These drains can get copious amounts of hair down there as well as beauty products and other greasy residues. They are a nightmare to clean yourself, so why not hand it over to the experts?

Our qualified technicians can have your sink sorted quickly. Our friendly staff are ready to help with any plumbing crisis you may have. If you have a blocked bathroom sink in Sydney, we are local so we can race over ASAP.

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Why Bathroom Sinks Get Blocked

Having a blocked bathroom sink can be a real pain. It makes it hard to wash your hands or brush your teeth. So, why is it that they get jammed? There are a few reasons for this.


You may think that there’s no chance of grease going down your bathroom sink. However, many makeup and skin products contain oils that can build up and coat your drains. Over time, this can cause quite a blockage.

Toothpaste can be another main contender which adds to this. From whole lumps of toothpaste winding their way down your drain to the residue from spitting it out, this can make the situation worse.


Many people brush their hair in front of their bathroom mirror. Guess where a bathroom mirror is usually placed? Over the bathroom sink! When you brush your hair, strands of it naturally shed and go everywhere, even down the drain. This can cause a massive build up over time in your bathroom sink drain.

Equipment We Use to Clear Blocked Bathroom Sinks

At Blocked Drains Fixed Today, we have various pieces of equipment we can use to clear your bathroom sink. Our experienced technicians know the benefits of each and when to use them. Leave your blocked bathroom sink in Sydney in the hands of one of our experts.

Here is some of the equipment we could use to clear your bathroom sink:

  • CCTV Camera
  • High Pressure Jet Blaster
  • Electric Eel
  • Pipe Locating Equipment

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How We Clear Your Bathroom Sink Drain

What happens when you give us a call about your bathroom sink blockage, and we race over to you? Here are some of the methods our professional team may use to handle it. Procedures will vary according to the source of the blockage.


We will thoroughly assess what the issue is with your bathroom drain. We inspect fully to ensure our diagnosis is correct. After we have deduced what the issue is, only then can we come up with a plan of attack.

Jet Blasting

Next, we might use a high pressure jet blaster to clear out any grease or other build-ups in your bathroom sink. This uses a pressurised stream of water to obliterate anything that shouldn’t be in your drain.

CCTV Drain Camera

After we have cleared the drain, the next step is to make extra sure this was effective. That’s where the CCTV drain camera comes in. We feed the high definition camera down the drain. It returns live images of the drain so we can make 100% sure that it is now clear.

Pipe Relining

If we find that your pipes are damaged or broken, we have a fantastic method for repairing these. Instead of digging up the pipe to fix it, we can offer a quick but permanent solution that requires no digging. We can reline your pipes without moving them at all. This creates much less hassle and mess for you. It will also be cheaper than uprooting the pipes.

We coat the inside of your pipes with a highly durable resin. This dries hard on the inside to cover over any breaks and cracks in your pipes smoothly. This will leave your sink draining as it should.

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Why Choose Us for Bathroom Sink Unblocking in Sydney?

Here at Blocked Drains Fixed Today, we are passionate about our customers. We want to ensure that you have the easiest and most efficient experience possible.

We achieve this with our fantastic customer service. Give us a call and we’ll have an expert plumber out at your place swiftly.

We stay up to date on the latest methods and techniques for clearing bathroom drains. This ensures that we can offer you the best solution possible. Our experienced technicians are highly trained in all methods of sink unblocking.

Trying to unblock a bathroom sink yourself can be fruitless, messy, and time-consuming. It’s likely that you’ll end up calling someone in to do it anyway.

Save yourself the hassle by contacting us, the experts in sink unblocking in Sydney. At Blocked Drains Fixed Today, we do exactly what our name suggests – we can fix your blocked drains today.

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