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One of the newest innovations, CCTV drain cameras, has transformed the entire landscape of the plumbing industry.

A drainage system goes through many issues over the period, and due to the lack of adequate visibility, many problems go unnoticed. Realising that you have an undetected leak in your home can be a tremendous headache and inconvenience.

The primary purpose of CCTV drain camera inspection is to eliminate this particular problem. A CCTV camera provides clear footage of the overall condition of the drainage system and allows professional plumbers to work on the problem without any guesswork. So, plumbers can deal with the issue quickly, effectively and efficiently.

In this guide, we have explained how and what a CCTV camera detects in a drain. Without further ado, let’s dig in!

What Does A CCTV Drain Camera Detect?

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. A CCTV drain camera is a specially engineered drain camera that is attached to the end of a flexible and long rod. This rod is inserted deep down the drains, pipes, hydrants and valves to survey their overall condition. Provided the flexibility and length, the pipe bends and moves through any curves, and the technician watches the video feeds sent by the camera to the screen above.

The video recordings obtained are then analysed to determine the issue, its location and how severe it is. Having a visual reference also helps the plumbers to determine the exact way to deal with the particular issue, depending on the conditions of the pipes.

These cameras help homeowners and technicians to determine the exact reason behind sewer damage, including:

  • Earthquake damage
  • Root intrusion
  • Offset joint pipes
  • Pipe cracking
  • Corrosion
  • Poor installation
  • Severe blockage
  • Accidental puncturing
  • Deterioration over time

How Does It Work?

Each plumbing agency uses a different CCTV drain camera, but their way of working is almost similar.

High-quality software supports these remotely controlled and robotic CCTV cameras. They are inserted into sewer pipe entry points with diameters ranging from 1.5 to 72 inches. And these self-propelled cameras can inspect the sewer laterals up to 80 feet.

A high-tech CCTV drain camera has the following features that help plumbers identify pipe damage areas:

  • Remote and automatic focus
  • 40x manual zoom
  • Iris control
  • Directional lighting capabilities

When Is A CCTV Camera Inspection Needed?

Ideally, technicians consider inspecting through CCTV cameras when they notice one of the many problems below:

  • Water backing up
  • Slow drainage of water
  • Gurgling noises
  • Persistent blockages
  • Bad odours

What Are The Benefits Of A CCTV Camera Inspection

The use of CCTV camera inspection is highly beneficial for homeowners. Below are the reasons why you must rely more on a plumbing professional with a CCTV camera.

A. Affordability

Plumbing experts provide quality services to homeowners by dealing with damaged pipes in the most cost-effective manner possible. Sometimes, you might not need to replace or repair the entire pipe section and can focus on a small area. It reduces the time and cost required to identify the problem and repair a pipe.

B. Environmentally Friendly

Plumbers won’t need to excavate to determine the underlying reason behind a blocked pipe. It means shrubs, plants, and other natural beings are safe during the inspection.

C. Quick Identification Of Problems

Rest assured, aside from visual signs of blocked drains and damaged pipes, CCTV drain cameras can determine your plumbing problems immediately. These cameras survey through the entire pipe and minimise the guesswork to allow plumbers to identify the exact cause of the issue.

Plus, the technicians can provide the correct advice regarding what to do in a single go and make a solid plan to repair the faulty pipework.

CCTV Drain Camera Inspection Sydney

That’s all we have for you in this guide!

If you’re having issues with drainage pipes, call a professional plumber that uses CCTV drain cameras. There are several affordable yet effective plumbing options, so make your decisions wisely.

Apart from having CCTV cameras, your chosen plumber must have the requisite experience in the industry and provide a guarantee of their services. Verify if they are willing to come anytime in the future in an emergency. And, checking the plumbing licence of those professionals is important.

Here at Blocked Drains Fixed Today, our licensed plumbers clear blocked drains and fix water leaks utilising CCTV Drain Inspection Camera, so we don’t leave any stones unturned. If you require our services, please don’t hesitate to contact our blocked drains expert.

With that, we’d wrap up this guide. Adios folks!

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