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Are you wondering why there is dirty water in your bathroom? A broken or damaged drainage pipe and blocked drains may be the reason.

Damaged pipelines and blocked drains can be a significant headache since they are essential to your home’s sanitation system. They give rise to issues, such as foul smells and waterlogging in your floor drains, posing a significant health risk. So, it would be best if you did everything possible to find and fix any broken pipes.

Repair Broken Damaged Pipes

But how do you quickly repair a broken or damaged pipeline without burning a hole in your pocket? That’s what we have sought to address in this brief guide. If you follow this article carefully, you can conveniently repair cracked, broken drains or damaged pipes, and that too for cheap.

So, without wasting more time, let’s jump right into it!

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Repair Cracked, Broken Drains Or Damaged Pipes

To repair your pipes, you first need to confirm if they are broken in the first place. Therefore, detecting damages is the first step of the process. You can look for certain signs indicating a broken or damaged drain.

One of the most apparent symptoms is water backing up in your fixtures. If you observe water coming up across only one fixture, it is probably a localised fault in the pipes. However, if water is backing up across all the fixtures in your house, the issue is probably in your main drainage pipe.

Another symptom of a broken pipe is a foul or unpleasant odour from your bathroom fixtures. This happens when the water takes too long to drain as the pipe disrupts the flow of water, which is a sign of a broken drain.

Even gurgling sounds coming from your sinks indicate a damaged pipeline. Regardless, if you detect one or more of these symptoms, you possibly have a damaged or cracked pipeline. Therefore, you can proceed with diagnosing and subsequently repairing it.

1. Diagnosis Of The Drainage Pipes

Once you have confirmed a problem with your home’s drainage pipes, you need to determine where and what exactly the problem is. That will help you proceed further with the repairs.

The drainage system is often located underground, well below your house. You can access these pipes via an access point in the basement or elsewhere in your home. So, you or your plumber can use a drain CCTV camera through this access point to detect where the damage or blockage is in your pipelines and drains.

A drain pipe may become cracked, broken, or damaged. Most often, it may be due to regular wear and tears. However, there may be other physical obstructions in some cases, such as objects getting stuck inside the pipes or an invasive tree root. Even small animals, such as rodents, can cause damage to the pipes if they burrow through them or get stuck inside. Whatever the cause may be, once you have detected it, start the repairs.

2. Clearing The Damaged Section

You can reline the drainage pipe’s damaged section after clearing it. It would be best if you used special cutting tools to cut through the obstructions within the pipe. Next, remove the remaining debris from the sewer system.

Remember to be careful while cutting and removing the debris. Take suitable measures to avoid any further damage to the pipelines. That’s why we’d recommend seeking professional assistance for this.

3. Patch Lining The Pipes

Patch lining is a standardised method used to repair damaged drainage pipes. In this method, resin matting is applied on an inflatable packer. The packer is then placed in the damaged section of the pipe and held in position until the curing process.

Once you patch the damaged portion of your pipe, you will get a new, watertight section seamlessly blending within your sewer system. The patch lining process will help prevent further damage to the drainage system. It will also allow you to undertake the repairs without any invasive excavations.

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Benefits Of Relining In Repairing Damaged Or Broken Pipes

Compared to conventional methods of repair, relining has several inherent advantages. And if you follow this method, you can repair any pipeline damage without any issues. Take a look at its benefits:

1. Non-Invasive

Conventional pipe repair methods require digging up the ground, which can be a significant hassle. In contrast, as we have already said, relining is a non-invasive method where no ground excavation is necessary.

For instance, if the damage is below your garden or flooring, there is no need to dig up the ground. It is mess-free, and your house flooring or lawn remains intact.

2. Cost-Effective

Conventionally, excavating the ground itself can be a pretty expensive affair, especially if the damage is below the floor of your house. Subsequently, the repair of the damaged section has its expenses and covering up the ground after the repairs will further drive up the costs.

But since no excavations are necessary for relining, it is considerably cheaper. The only expenses you need to bear are the labour costs and the price of the materials and equipment used.

3. Fast And Convenient

Compared to traditional repair methods, relining is relatively quick. The only step that requires time is when the lining resin needs to cure and set. However, it does not take more than a few hours, and you can save time. Besides, it is convenient since the rest of your drainage system remains functional.

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Is Pipe Relining For You?

And that’s all we had to say about repairing cracked, broken or damaged drainage pipes. We hope that you found this brief guide informative and helpful. This guide can get you started if you have damaged or broken pipes in your home.

We have suggested some suitable methods for accurately detecting and diagnosing damaged drains. Furthermore, we have elaborated on how you can reline your pipes to repair the damages.

If the damage is minor enough, you can attempt the repairs yourself. However, if it is significant, you should take help from professionals.

Contact Blocked Drains Fixed Today. We provide pipe relining solutions or “trenchless pipe repairs” to fix blocked drainage or damaged pipes for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods to replace pipes.

It is time for us to wrap it up. Stay safe!

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